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Online Art Gallery.
Huge collection of fine art reproductions

All our impressions, fantasies, architectural forms, objects, and landscapes miraculously find their display in the creative works of great masters and famous artists. It may be said without exaggeration that any art gallery saturates the viewer a mysterious flavor of high art and unique shades of the inner world of picture creator.

Decorative, monumental, icon painting, cyclorama, miniature, and diorama – all that diversity gives its piece of the world, character and mood to everyone. Despite of this, the steps for creating of yet another reproduction of paintings by famous artists is still enigmatic and have a specific mysterious haze. Perhaps it is this that enables the viewer enthusiastically enjoy rich palette, unusual forms and sublime the depth of the work subject for each time.

Being a true admirer of an artist, like the first time ever, you feel delight to watch how on the surface of the canvas new images and the relentless flow of paint reveal. The artist though breathes life into those paints and they are playfully falling to the canvas of a new creation, sometimes spreading widely and freely and sometimes splashing out and gently laying down with layers. Every brushstroke on reproductions of famous paintings creates a new element. It may be materialized in defiant and indefatigable nature of the ‘Storm off the coast of Nice’ by Ivan Aivazovsky, or soft and warm tones of the ‘Swiss landscape with horses’ by Alexei Savrasov.

What's interesting is that any reproduction of the same master discovers new facets of his talent. The only crucial momentum is where the artist draws inspiration from creating a unique variation of the ancient, medieval or abstract lines. Painters in their work skillfully combine the last page of the mysterious past and unheralded present. Perhaps, therefore, art gallery gives an inspiration romantic pulse turned toward to the images of the past of figurative or traditional art.

Here we notice the creative talented authors’ eternal search both in past and in present time. If you eager to feel their spirit and mood, go back to the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage or the Russian Museum today, the only thing you need is to download pictures of famous artists and enjoy their realism, color high art. And those pictures, like many years ago, never ceases to surprise painting connoisseurs. Many artists in their works appeal to history, to the images of the last century. This makes reproductions not only artistically valuable, but interesting intellectually. Admirers of past and contemporary pictorial forms appreciate also the "breath of life." Every stroke, glare, and shade transmits the rich reality of the whole subject. For that reason Leonardo da Vinci once said about the painting as poetry that is seen. Just take a closer look at the rich palette of Renoir's famous "Bouquet Of Roses In A Green Vase". From the first moment it seems as though we can smell the alluring sweet flavor, feel the tenderness of each petal and freshness of the dew drops. And the art of Anders Zorn is a hymn to a woman's beauty, sensuality and elegance. The artist masterfully conveyed the modern aesthetics of nude art, filled with lofty academic style and the dynamics of Futurism. Undoubtedly, these reproductions of paintings by famous artists give us a fresh look at familiar things depicted on canvas. They not only delight with the incredible wealth of colors and shades, but also convey to people the beauty of the surrounding world, to awaken the best feelings in them.

Today, is the largest online art gallery in Russian language internet (RuNet) featuring fine art paintings, reproductions of paintings by Russian and foreign artists, as well as collections of the world's major museums. Our weekly updated gallery now contains about 25 000 high resolution images with more than 150 000 paintings in the site's archive. We hope you enjoy your tour through our galleries, and find something useful or interesting for you. Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site!

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